Custom Screens is a locally family owned & operated company, which specialises in the supply & installation of quality screens for a more enjoyable & comfortable style of living.

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How soon can you come and quote?

Custom Screens can arrange for one of our consultants to contact you within 1 – 3 days after your initial contact.

How long do I wait until my order is installed?

Demand for screens is seasonal but you can typically expect your order to be installed within 1 to 3 weeks after you accept our quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Cheque or Direct Deposit. Payment is due upon installation. 40% deposit is required at ordering.

What is the warranty on the Lifestyle Garage Screen system?

There is a Limited Lifetime warranty covering the parts. The manufacturer does not provide you with a warranty on labour, be sure to discuss this with your installer.

Does the Lifestyle Screen replace my existing garage door?

No. You will still use your garage door as you normally would. The Lifestyle Garage Screen system works in conjunction with your existing garage door allowing you to quickly switch between your garage door and your Lifestyle Garage Screen system. When in use, the Lifestyle Garage Screen exchanges positions with your garage door.

Does the Lifestyle Garage Screen system work with wind loaded such as those found in windy coastal areas?

Yes, the Lifestyle system works with all wind loaded reinforced doors. However, if your garage door is reinforced with 150mm C-channels, you should discuss the changes necessary with your installer.

Can you add a locking mechanism to the retractable door?

Yes, the retractable door can be fitted with a locking mechanism at an additional cost. Locking mechanisms are optional.

What sizes and colours are available?

Currently, we have models with widths to 5.4m and from 2.1m to 2.4m height*. Frame colours currently available in white, brown and sandstone.

How much clearance will I lose from my existing garage door opening when the Lifestyle is installed?

Typically, you will not lose more than 45mm of clearance.

How much does the Lifestyle Garage Screen system cost?

Please contact us and we will be pleased to provide an estimate over the phone.

Can I install my Lifestyle Garage Screen system myself?
Yes it is possible by following the printed instructions and the training videos on You Tube. However we recommend to use a trained installers as the Lifestyle Garage Screen is a spring loaded system.
What is the Superscreen mesh made of?
The Lifestyle screen mesh is Super Screen mesh made of PVC coated polyester. The weave pattern is 17×20 and both the charcoal and white are good for customers looking for an extremely strong mesh. Only the white mesh functions as a privacy screen, the charcoal does not.
Will the LifestyleScreen work on a low headroom garage door? ( double horizontal track system)
The Lifestyle screen will not work on low headroom applications. Low headroom garage doors are typically found in low ceiling garages. They are typically identified by two tracks on the horizontal. Your local dealer will verify this for you.
Is the Lifestyle Garage Screen system available from any other manufacturers?
No, Advanced Screenworks has licensed the Lifestyle Screen patented technology and is the sole manufacturer of this product.

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