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Screen Door Installation Tips and Tricks

If you’re intending to install the garage screen door yourself, you may find these installation videos handy.
Or, of course, we install the Lifestyle retractable screen door NZ wide and can do it for you.

Call 0275 727 336 Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 5:30 pm Sat 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, or email us.

1. Will Our Retractable Screen Door Work In Your Garage? Measurements and Clearances.

Make sure to measure the back of your retaractable garage door, not the front.

2. Tools Needed For Proper Assembly and Installation

Here is a list of tools you’ll need. Or we install the Lifestyle retractable screen door NZ wide and we can do it for you. Just call 0275727336 or send us an email.

3. Seeing Your Screen For The First Time – Opening The Box

1. Be sure to inspect all packages for damages at the time of delivery. Any damages must be notated on the shipper’s receipt before the driver leaves.
2. You may be excited about seeing your garage screen door but NEVER slice into any of the boxes with a razor knife. 

4.  Organisation And Setup At Your Garage Or Workshop 

Take the time to get organised. It will definitely be worth your time and help speed up the installation of your retractable garage screen door.

5.  Garage Door Adjustments – Opener, Draw Bar And Back Hang

1. Be mindful that the repeated opening and closing of the garage door during installation can overheat the opener.
2. If you do not have a garage door opener, here is a solution to hold the garage door back to get the required clearance. Shown in the video is a 3″ regular door hinge using a 3/4″ piece of plywood measuring 3″ x 7″. Click to download the video.

6. Frame Assembly

1. Use only a hand screwdriver when attaching magnet catches to the garage screen and DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

7. Your Garage Door Spline

How to orient the spline when installing the screen door in your garage.

8. Levelling The Garage Door Screen

Backer rod or pipe insulation can be used to level the frame. It can also be used when more height is needed from the frame for oversized openings.

9. Door Track Assembly & Installation

1. The tracks on the retractable screen door should NOT touch the floor.
2. Tightening the fasteners of the track should be done last. Start from the back and work your way forward, ensuring the tracks line up and fit corners so the rollers will operate smoothly during transition from horizontal to vertical.

10. Assembling The Door Springs & Counterbalance System

1. ALWAYS have the safety cable in place.
2. The spring chart in the installation manual is a very good starting point. The more pretension you add, the easier the screen will go up but it will take more effort to bring the screen door down.

11.  Retractable Screen Door Installation

1. The retractable door comes ready to install on the right-hand side of the opening (outside looking in).
2. Handles of the retractable need to be centered on the pull bar and tightened. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
3. Only use a dry silicone spray when lubricating the track of the retractable door.

12. Safety Photo Eye Installation

Photo eyes detect obstructions under your garage door. If triggered, they stop and reverse the door to keep people and property safe. These will need to be shifted to ensure your existing garage door can close once you have installed the retractable screen door.

13. Final Checks And Verification

1. Check your existing garage door has sufficient clearance above the Lifestyle screen door.
2. Check the spring sheaves are lying vertically.
3. Check gaps on the rollers.
These checks will ensure your Lifestyle retractable screen door will operate just as you want it to.

14. Proper Operation And Storage

When closing the retractable screen door, always make sure centre door is shut.

15. Lubrication And Preventative Maintenance

Never use WD-40 on the Lifestyle screen door. Only use a dry silicone spray lubricant.

16. How To Access Overhead Spaces

If you use the space above your garage door as an attic or for storage, this video shows you how to get to it.

17. Installing The Counterbalance System For Taller Screen Doors

A counterbalance is a torsion spring system designed to take the effort out of lifting and dropping your garage screen door. This video shows you how to install the torsional counterbalance system on our taller screen doors. It is a rear counterbalance system and differs from our standard retractable doors which use springs mounted on the sides of the tracks.

Call 0275 727 336 Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 5:30 pm Sat 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, or email us.